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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gender Party

Well if you don't already is a BOY!!!! And his name is

James Lawson Carr!!

We will call him Lawson! God is so good and we realize that more and more each day!

We had a gender party with our family to announce the gender of our LBC. We were going to open a gift that would reveal the gender. Everyone was suppose to wear a blue or pink shirt depending on what they thought the gender was. We had told the family that we did not find out and we were waiting to find out with all of them. Little did anyone know, friends or family, that Jay and I found out at our 16 and 1/2 week appointment that it was a little boy. Jay was not convinced at all so besides trying to narrow down both boy and girl names we just waited until Monday our 19 1/2 week appointment to confirm that it was indeed a little boy. We wanted to surprise our families with both the gender and the name to make it that much more fun for them! Well we did and it was the best time ever! Our families were pumped!! My precious niece Addie had a few tears after she found out it was not a little girl but she quickly recovered and morphed back into her role as life of the party!!! But I will say in that moment of her tears it broke my heart but if anyone knows Addie Lou she hung the moon. I consider her one of my own and to see her so upset just made me wish I was having a girl instead!!! But we are ok now and once again pumped that Aunt Hols is having a baby!

The picture below is right after we opened the present, it was so fun, of course there were tears! It wasn't like I had no clue what was inside!!! But it just became so emotional and so real with our 15 family members there with us!!!

The gender bows and the present everyone wanted us to open!

Our sweet family who came dressed in blue or pink depending on what they thought the gender of LBC was. As you can see the crowd was pretty much 50/50.

Team Girl

Team Boy

This is the outfit that my sweet friend Jordan monogrammed so we could surprise the family with not only the gender but his name. James Lawson Carr

(Team Elkins got to find out early because I needed Jordan's skills to monogram we played Hangman with them on Monday night for them to learn the gender. I got the idea from my sister AB. It was cute I thought, the phrase ended up spelling out Bennett and Lawson are going to be best friends) Cheesy yes but I love it! They of course learned the gender and name as well!

Thank you Jordan for your skills, you can find her blog attached to mine, she does great work!

Sweet Mom brought the name card for a girl and boy so at least one would apply to LBC

Homemade strawberry cupcakes and blue iced sugar cookies

It was a special night that Jay and I will both treasure forever! The Lord has blessed us with amazing families and I look forward to Lawson getting the honor to be a part of them! We can't wait to meet Lawson in March!

*We had our 20 week appointment early so my amazing sister Laurahelen could make the gender party before leaving for Sudan as she is serving for 10 days with Neverthirst. So please pray for her and the team she is going with. If you aren't familiar with Neverthirst it is an amazing Christian organization that takes physicial and living water to villages in need. They do this by installing a water well and sharing the gospel! But Neverthirst deserves a post of its own...check it out on
The Lord is most definitely using this ministry to save lives here on earth and for eternity!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

18 weeks today!

I am 18 weeks today and couldn't be happier! My 16 week appointment went great and we get to find out if LBC is a little girl or little boy a week from Monday, October 18th. We will be revealing LBC's gender at our family gender party on the 19th! Can't wait for that!!!

But more importantly I have been waiting to post about my excitement of having three dear friends that are going to experience motherhood for the first time right alongside me!
Two sweet friends from Highlands whom I love, Lana Woods (Due in March) and Paige Hedrick (Due in April). And one of my best friends since middle school Katie Fowler Wasden (Due in April).
Kales as I call her is in the first picture and we have been best friends for the longest time and I consider myself so blessed to have a friend who I have made so many memories with to have a child so close in age and I pray our children can make at least half of the memories that we have had together!
Lana is in the second picture and the picture is from the St. Jude Memphis 1/2 Marathon from last year and we are so excited the boys are running in it again because it was such a fun (FREEZING COLD) weekend. Lana is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I can't wait for our babies to get to play with one another as they will only be 10 days apart!
The Paige picture is coming however I am so thrilled about the Hedricks having a baby! Paige and John Henry have been so patient in the Lord's timing. I have seen their steadfast faith throughout the wait and I am so thankful that the time is now for them to start a family! We are already making plans for our outings with the babies!
To God be the Glory!!! Children are most definitely a gift from Him! I pray over these three children the same I do for our own LBC, that they will come to know the Lord at a very early age and that they will be servants of HIS kingdom!

Monday, August 30, 2010


We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him. – I Samuel 1:27

LBC also known as Little Baby Carr

Yes we are having a baby!!!!! Words cannot begin to express how THANKFUL and EXCITED we are!!! It has been almost a year since we found out we were pregnant the first time, and after another miscarriage on Easter we are so thankful to have heard the heartbeat today at 12 weeks and 3 days! God is so good and faithful! Jay and I have learned so much over this past year and we have been so comforted by sweet friends and family who have done nothing but loved, supported, and prayed for us the whole way through!!! We have also learned what a precious gift children are from the Lord and we can't wait to accept his blessing on March 11, 2011.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memphis Half Marathon

Jay and Brian Woods successfully ran the Memphis Half Marathon in December.

So proud of our men!

Such a great weekend with the Woods, some of our favorite people.


Yes I know all of these posts are months overdue but I am trying to make myself a true blogger by summarizing the last 5 months. Then I hope to update my blog in a more timely manner.

Our First REAL Christmas Tree

After some major convincing from Team Elkins (and Jay) we decided that it was time to start a new tradition in the Carr family: Hand picking our Christmas tree. The fake Christmas tree has been put to rest. I must say it was so much fun and we now look forward to doing it for years to come!

Late's Wedding

We had the pleasure of hanging out with these fun people all weekend long! Love them!

The beautiful bride, Leighton Johson, one of my best friends from Auburn. The wedding was in November on St. John's River in Jacksonville, FL and it was absolutely amazing!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New York City

A little piece of heaven in Dylan's candy store!!!

Nothing less than a stretch limo for my man's 30th birthday!
Team Elkins couldn't keep their hands off of each other.........

Surprise Cupcakes from Magnolia's Bakery (they were so good)

Yes Jay and I did this on our last day in NYC, I am still laughing about this picture!

Our own Lady of Liberty!

After ensuring we were getting the best rate, we chose this carriage for our stroll around Central Park, beautiful!

We had to fight off all kinds of kids in order to get this picture but we did! And I love it!

Jay and Al Roker........

This is us outside of the Today show and below is us standing in line waiting to grab the perfect place in order to get on TV. That didn't work as well as we hoped but we did make the Today Show Blog and the TV for two seconds.

This is right after Team Elkins banged on our door at 12:00 to surprise Jay for his 30th Birthday (what great friends)! He had no idea they were flying in for the weekend!!

This is the way Jay found out about his SURPRISE 30th birthday trip the night before we left.......he didn't find out we were going to NYC until we boarded the plane. He even got a surprise shout out on the airplane wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Ok so I am not very timely when it comes to my blog however as least I am doing what I said I would do!!! And I still have no idea what I am doing and how this post is going to turn out. A certain someone no names will be mentioned (Jordan Elkins) threatened to take me off her list of blogs if I did not post something here you go Jay's Surprise 30th Birthday trip to NYC!!!