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Thursday, October 7, 2010

18 weeks today!

I am 18 weeks today and couldn't be happier! My 16 week appointment went great and we get to find out if LBC is a little girl or little boy a week from Monday, October 18th. We will be revealing LBC's gender at our family gender party on the 19th! Can't wait for that!!!

But more importantly I have been waiting to post about my excitement of having three dear friends that are going to experience motherhood for the first time right alongside me!
Two sweet friends from Highlands whom I love, Lana Woods (Due in March) and Paige Hedrick (Due in April). And one of my best friends since middle school Katie Fowler Wasden (Due in April).
Kales as I call her is in the first picture and we have been best friends for the longest time and I consider myself so blessed to have a friend who I have made so many memories with to have a child so close in age and I pray our children can make at least half of the memories that we have had together!
Lana is in the second picture and the picture is from the St. Jude Memphis 1/2 Marathon from last year and we are so excited the boys are running in it again because it was such a fun (FREEZING COLD) weekend. Lana is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I can't wait for our babies to get to play with one another as they will only be 10 days apart!
The Paige picture is coming however I am so thrilled about the Hedricks having a baby! Paige and John Henry have been so patient in the Lord's timing. I have seen their steadfast faith throughout the wait and I am so thankful that the time is now for them to start a family! We are already making plans for our outings with the babies!
To God be the Glory!!! Children are most definitely a gift from Him! I pray over these three children the same I do for our own LBC, that they will come to know the Lord at a very early age and that they will be servants of HIS kingdom!


  1. Yay! Love seeing the blog updated! I CAN'T WAIT until next Monday! I am dying to know what LBC is going to be!

  2. i am so glad that all went well at your appointment! i think of you often. congrats to you and your friends! how exciting. I missed the boat on "first time friend pregnancies". THEY ALL HAVE KIDS ALREADY! ha! could be time for new friends! :)just kidding. cant wait to hear about the gender and party!