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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moby's Deck

Ok so I am 3 months late however we took a spontaneous trip to Moby's Deck with Team Elkins in November! Sweet Mr. Boggs allowed us to spend a few days on their boat! We had the best time! We tried to head to the Bahamas but preggars here got a little sick however I blame it on the fact that I was in the bottom of the boat, no breakfast, and no dramamine.....and by the time
I made it to the top of the boat, ate a bagel, and took a dramamine it was too late..........needless to say we cruised up and down the inner coastal, hit up Miami, a few Florida Keys, and hung out in Fort Laurderdale as well. Not too shabby!

I have more pictures that need to be up loaded but this is definitely a start............We always have a blast when we are with Team Elkins however the setting only made it better!!

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  1. holly-i love it when you blog! you are the cutest little preggars person ever! hope you put more pics up soon. you and the fam are in my prayers...sooooo soon! :)